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Rosewood Cottage Studio

Welcome to the virtual version of Rosewood Cottage Studio.  I am a quilt, sewing and fiber art teacher, designer and writer.  I live and work in the charming antique town of Senoia, Georgia, where I teach in a wonderful, light-filled home studio attached to our Victorian-era house.  It is, as you might have guessed from its name, pink.

Students tell me it is a lot of fun to visit and take classes here - like a little vacation for people wanting the time and space to relax and be creative.  If you think you might like to come and take a class at Rosewood Cottage Studio, check out the Services page for a list of my current classes.

I also teach for quilt guilds and groups throughout the Atlanta area and Georgia, and I enjoy meeting all the fun, interesting people who like fabric. If you would like for me to come and give a program and/or teach at your guild or other group, check out the Products page for current programs and prices.

I love to make all sorts of quilts, garments, bags, jewelry, accessories and vessels, especially when I can use recycled materials in them. I do a lot of hand-dyeing of fabrics, including dyeing with rust, and I paint and stamp fabric with great abandon. It is so much fun to figure out how to use recycled clothing, household discards of fiber, plastic and metal, and all sorts of natural materials and found objects in my artwork.  I think it's wonderful to create art out of the stuff that most people throw away, and it's my goal to do that more and more.  Visit my Image Gallery to see some of my quilts.

Also, please visit my new shop, Rosewood Cottage Gallery at 72 Main Street in Senoia, Georgia, or visit the Facebook Page.
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